Wealth Equity and Cybersecurity Should Mix

In 2018, nearly twenty percent of investment and wealth management firms were victims of cyber-attacks.  Though many investment firms rarely have access to their clients’ wealth itself, they hold a treasure trove of private information and data for many wealthy clients.  A criminal can turn that information into a high payout, while [...]

Top Three Things You Can Do to Protect Your MSP

Many businesses rely on the services of an MSP, and for good reason.  An MSP can provide great IT services for any business, at the fraction of a price it would take for a business to secure themselves.  Unfortunately, this can come at a steep price.  MSPs are among the most prized targets of cybercriminals.  They [...]

Why Every MSP Needs a Cybersecurity Expert

Cybersecurity is a top priority for many businesses these days, and a look at the numbers leaves no question as to why.  In 2020 alone, cybercrime cost businesses worldwide over $1 trillion in damages, from ransomware payouts to fines to credit monitoring for those affected.  With this in mind, an MSP has [...]

Cybersecurity Around Us

Cybersecurity is a year-round concern, but once you have a good solution it’s easy to think, “That’s good enough.”  Unfortunately, the longer a system stays the same, the easier it is for a savvy criminal to break into.  It’s a good habit to change various security protocols every few [...]

5 Things to Know About Cybersecurity

5 Things to Know About Cybersecurity  Cybersecurity is rapidly growing, and small businesses are the biggest target. With hacks rapidly growing in occurrence, and the hackers becoming smarter and more sophisticated the chances of your small business being affected are becoming almost inevitable.  Here are a few things you should [...]

10 Reasons Your Business Will Be Hacked

Business owners and employees are becoming increasingly on edge about the growing threat of cyberattacks, and with good reason - with the expansion of technological capabilities that facilitate our work and play, comes the higher number of malicious attacks against us that threaten to disrupt - or even destroy - [...]

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