Businesses are overwhelmed as we have been forced to pivot from traditional to distributed networks. It is predicted that pandemic-driven work-from-home growth is how businesses will be operating going forward.

The new distributed network makes it harder for IT staff to know what assets are under their control and even what security controls should be in place.

The cloud’s diversity and flexibility is undeniable. However, cyber threats and cyber-attacks have also migrated to the cloud.

Cloud deployments can bring their own complications as they are often misconfigured or leave credentials behind for attackers to find. 

The cloud also provides a broader platform for sophisticated cyber criminals. While Windows used to be the major target, now attackers are turning to attacking Linux and IoT devices.

Amid the pandemic, we are also facing a global CYBER pandemic!

Ransomware attacks have increased 62% in the last year, and more than 100% in some regions. Malware is also becoming more sophisticated.

The cloud and its supply chain are no doubt attack surfaces with high potential for criminal success.

The problem is not the cloud; however. Your company, your data, your users and clients are already in the cloud. The challenge now is to minimize the risks of this new reality and to avoid becoming a victim of the cyber pandemic.

Overall, work-from-home is proving to be a game-changer when it comes to cloud security, and any companies making a pivot to longer-term work-from-home, must get more diligent in managing the work-from-home risks. 

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