It seems we are living in strange times, making it difficult to predict with any certainty what any given business environment looks like. With companies still delaying plans to have their employees return to the office, a majority are still working remotely.

However, with the certainty that cyber threats are rising, companies are taking proactive measures to ensure their data is safe from external threats, especially with employees remotely accessing networks.

IT security experts who can help ensure the security of a company’s infrastructure, software and data (both on-premises and on the cloud) are in high demand and rightfully so.

Everyone is extremely reliant on IT services to safely secure and run their business and 2022 is an opportunity for small businesses to take advantage of rapidly advancing technology.

Outsourcing IT services and support will give SMBs the expertise needed on choosing a particular technology based on its positive impact on operations.

The flexibility to customize an IT project and having IT experts on hand who can step in at a moment’s notice will provide a huge benefit when facing the cyberthreats of 2022.

With a wider range of IT skills, outsourced IT services give businesses greater flexibility compared to hiring or relying on internal staff who may or may not have real-world experience in managing your IT needs and disasters.

While looking ahead to the future of cyber threats is important, a security team’s ability to combat future threats lies in its ability to instill a security culture today.

Without a secure foundation of skills and the decision to learn from industries already most threatened, your cybersecurity team won’t be able to stop the threats of today much less what’s coming down the pipeline tomorrow.

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