Data Breach Prevention

Did you know that nearly 10 BILLION data records have been lost or stolen since 2013?

Q: What would that mean for you if it was your company’s data?

A: Other than a compliance disaster, your customers’ information and company infrastructure could be at risk.

How does Data Breach Prevention work?

If you watch the news or even listen to the radio, you know how common it is for a company to be hacked and its data be released. This data can include customer’s confidential information, company processes and procedures and much more. Although we see more on media outlets about large corporations, small to medium sized businesses are most often the victims of such harsh acts.

Your business, like many others, must operate and do so in a way that security is at the top of the priority list.

We take a proactive approach to ensure that your company is not vulnerable to a breach. Several factors go into consideration and are used in a custom-designed, multi-layer approach providing defense in depth. Some of these levels include:

Our industry leading tools learn and establish a baseline for behaviors of your users and endpoints. It only takes a few days to establish what’s normal and then we can easily spot anomalies and possible malicious actions.

Cyber criminals are intelligent and are finding ways to attack almost anything. The best way to combat ever-changing cyber attacks is to have a multi-layered approach for prevention.
We help you design, upgrade and strengthen your network at all wired and wireless entry points.
We secure your company against web based cyber attacks and provide visibility into usage to reduce risk.
Human error is the number one reason for breaches and hacking incidents. We will train your team on best practices to serve as the first line of defense when it comes to your network.
The dark web is a disastrous place filled with data and credentials that have been obtained without permission. We continuously monitor and scan the dark web to ensure that your company’s credentials are not there.
Your business is only as secure as your passwords – we provide a solution for secure password management and distribution.
Providing feedback as to what is happening within your network is key to staying on top of your security and compliance issues. We have regular reviews to ensure transparency for your employees and anyone else on the network.

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It is not a matter of IF your business will be compromised but WHEN.

Don’t let it become a breach!

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