Compliance & Risk Management

Risk Management

Is your business at risk of a cyber-attack?

What would be the ramifications if your data was compromised?

Do you have confidential information for your clients, patients and internal processes?

Do you know the ins and outs of your network and the security surrounding it?

How Risk Management Benefits Your Business:

Most of the business owners we speak with have a very limited idea of what is out there and in their network. There are entirely too many cyber criminals in the world today who make it a point to feed themselves on gaps in your network. For that reason, we have a security assessment designed to show any holes within your network.

This assessment will include:

Identify holes and exploits in your perimeter that could let bad actors in.

A deep look into your systems to provide a detailed overview of your vulnerabilities.
We explore your files to find sensitive data that can potentially be compromised.
Find out who has access to all your data and make sure only authorized personal has privileges on your network.
Make sure that your outgoing traffic is secure and make sure that your users are only visiting approved places on the web.
We will work with you to identify a control framework that best fits your business and compliance requirements.
We observe how you handle your data at rest and in motion while figuring out how to best protect in a live environment.

Services as you need them

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Managed Security Services allow you to stay focused on your business instead of worrying about hackers.

how can we help you?

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