Protecting Your Clients

Certainly you value your clients, and you want to do everything possible to protect them from a cyber-breach that would threaten their sensitive data. You have worked too hard over the years to let cyber criminals ruin your track record and your reputation. But what can you do to fight [...]

Predictions for 2020

Predictions for 2020 Just as sure as people are to make New Year’s resolutions in January, so, too, are they inclined to make predictions about the future, specifically the year that just started. When the year is also a Presidential election year,even more people are positioning themselves in an attempt [...]

Is Your Printer a Gateway to You Being Attacked?

Nowadays almost any device on a corporate network is Internet-enabled. Think about it. Printers, HVAC systems and cameras all pose certain risks to a network. We spend countless hours and dollars protecting the perimeter of our networks, end user machines and servers but what about the other possibly, vulnerable devices [...]

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