Do you want to retain your DoD supply chain contracts, or are you going to enter the DIB sector? Then CMMC certification will be necessary.  

The tasks required under the framework are the sort of cybersecurity, infosec, and information governance best practices that should already be implemented by all organizations.

You must be proactive in your CMMC approach:

  • Conduct a readiness assessment: This will help your organization determine how prepared you are for your compliance audit, and which areas require your immediate attention. Once this is complete, you will be able to determine your current CMMC level of compliance and create a plan to achieve the desired, or required, CMMC level.
  • Remediate and prepare: Create a plan that addresses the following: Areas requiring attention; prioritization of areas identified; timelines for completion; estimated costs; process for tracking goals and milestones to ensure completion
  • Implement a detection and alerting system: Most companies are aiming for a Level 4 or Level 5 compliance, which means you must be able to report on how well your company can identify and respond to threats. If you don’t have a system like that in place, now is the time to do so.
  • Develop a systems security plan (SSP): An SSP documents the security controls that are put in place for all the systems a contractor has that store or transmit controlled unclassified information (CUI) and is a requirement for CMMC compliance.
  • Evaluate your internal resources: Do you have in house expertise to help you achieve compliance? If not, be sure to reach out as soon as possible to a third-party to help you put your systems in place.
  • Talk to your suppliers and subcontractors: If you use subcontractors, be sure to engage with them throughout their own supply chain to make sure they are achieving the compliance level that they require. This will ensure you don’t miss
  • Stay agile: Once your compliance is achieved, your work is not done. The ultimate goal of the CMMC is to make sure all DoD contractors are prepared to handle the always changing cybersecurity threats. 
  • Stay up to date: New information is constantly being released around CMMC compliance, it’s important to keep up with the new information as soon as it becomes available. 

First step, find an MSP who can help your organization assess your current state of readiness, advise on any gaps that need addressing, and confirm when you are ready to schedule your CMMC assessment as well as determine what level your organization should seek to become certified.

Once certification is achieved, Critical Insight can assist with development and implementation of a plan to ensure continuous improvement and adherence to the framework to retain certification.

Don’t let confusing misinformation regarding the CMMC stop you from being prepared. B Suite Cyber Security is here to protect your data, your customers and your business. Call us today for a free consultation. webp to jpg7