Predictions for 2020

Just as sure as people are to make New Year’s resolutions in January, so, too, are they inclined to make predictions about the future, specifically the year that just started. When the year is also a Presidential election year,even more people are positioning themselves in an attempt to determine what lies ahead. 

Cybersecurity is an especially important discipline in which to make predictions because the predictions revolve around crimes that can and will affect people on all levels in all places around the globe. As Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities increase at a blinding pace, the ability that criminals have to target more people and hurt them more severely is increasing faster than anyone is able to detect and thwart the attacks. With all this in mind, experts across the field have agreed on several substantial predictions in the world of cybersecurity including, but certainly not limited to, these three threats. 

Artificial Intelligence will Increase Action

The old adage notes that one hand washes the other, and such a continuous cycle will roll through the future as Artificial Intelligence is used to prompt and thwart attacks. Computers outpaced the human brain in certain areas long ago, as we are well aware. Therefore, we will continue to turn to Artificial Intelligence in our efforts to ward off malicious cyber crimes. Nonetheless, the same intel that is used to protect us will also be used to devise malicious schemes to destabilize (or destroy) our finances as thieves use it for their own intents and purposes. 

Deepfakes Will Become Accessible to Less-Skilled Users, Causing Chaos

We have heard a lot about fake news in recent times, but nothing that came before held the power to spread very believable, widespread lies and wreak havoc to the degree of Deepfakes. Deepfakes rely on AI to manufacture video and sound using another person’s photo and/or voice. In other words, through Deepfake video, people we know and trust will appear to deliver messages that they never created; political candidates will appear to run on platforms that they do not support; presidents of companies will deliver messages to employees and the media that were never true, because what the public will view and hear as the real person, will actually be the product of Artificial Intelligence. 

The Bridge Between Talent and Need will Widen

To fight against the wildfire of cybercrime, it will be essential to vastly increase the number of individuals fighting against it, but predictions indicate that there will not be enough qualified people to fill the needed roles in the area of IT network cyber security services. At the threshold of the new decade, we will need to increase educational opportunities for cyber crimefighters, in order to stand a fighting chance against the sea of threats that we are sailing upon. 

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